2012 Conference President Welcome Message

Posted at 10:23 AM on Sep 30, 2011


Plans have been underway for months for the 63rd Sierra Cascade Logging Conference. The board members and their committees are working out the details to make this Conference the best ever.

We have a few changes to share with you from last year. First and foremost, the Conference is returning to the Shasta District Fairgrounds in Anderson in 2012. I’ll try to make this long story as short as possible but want you to know how we arrived at our decision.

The Redding Convention Center has been a large liability to the City of Redding for some time.
Continuing economic times have forced the Redding City Council to make drastic budget cuts. With pending closure, several outside groups made proposals to take over the event center. The Council decided to lease the Convention Center to a private entity with the hope it might reopen to the
public in the future. Their decision took considerable time to make which put the SCLC Board in a wait-and-see mode. All of the planning decisions on programs, meal events, registration packets, website and contracts, to name a few, were in a holding pattern until we had a definite location. The new tenant of the Convention Center plans to run a school there 4 days a week. That would not work for our needs. We move in for 2 days before our 3-day event starts. OK…enough on that topic.

We plan to have all of the same events that have made the Logging Conference wildly popular with the public each year plus a new event, the Log-loading Skills Competition promises to add even more excitement.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, committee chairs and committee members, we invite you to the 63rd Annual Sierra Cascade Logging Conference. Please fill out your registration and drop it in the mail today as we continue the tradition of educating and promoting our industry. When you register, don’t forget to get plenty of tickets for the fantastic gun drawing, our primary fundraiser enabling us to put on the Conference.

We are looking forward to February 2012 and we are anxious to see everyone once again. Please note below our phone and fax #’s have changed. Please call with any questions.


Mark Lathrop
President, Sierra Cascade Logging Conference
Phone: 530-222-1290 Fax:530-222-1320
Address: P.O. Box 993220 Redding CA 96099-3220