2017 Basic Wilderness First Aid Course

Posted at 7:22 AM on Jan 7, 2017

Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference

Basic Wilderness First Aid Course

Tuesday, February 7th (8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.) Ferrari Hall
Victor Ciardi and John Blachley Instructors

Topics Covered: Scene, Group, and Personal Safety; Patient Assessment; Hypothermia; Frostbite; Dressing for Survival; Going to High Altitude; Heat Illness; Water Disinfection; Wilderness Nutrition & Protecting your Food; Sunburn & Sun Protection; Lightning; Bugs, Snakes & Bears; Hazardous Plants; Medical Emergencies in the Wilderness; Wilderness Wound Care; Creative Bandaging ; Bone & Joint Injuries; Splinting - How to Improvise; Head & Spine Injuries: Assessment & Decision-making; Building Wilderness First Aid Kits; Some Basic Hands on Skills

Cost: $60 per person, Includes Textbook and Certification Card
Limited to 40-students

To Register Contact: Monte Adams, Executive Director
(530) 222-1290 office or (530) 949-7176 cell –