2017 SCLC Logging Sports Exhibition Report

Posted at 12:02 PM on Apr 10, 2017

By Matt Cheula, Chair

The Logging Sports portion of the conference went off without a hitch. Committee members and many others with in the conference, once again jumped in raising sponsorship funds, to enable us to support the college teams and our group of Logging Sports Pros. We were once again able to put on a SAFE, and very competitive sports show. All of the wood for the events was cut on Hearst Forest’s property, and delivered to Shasta College were Mr. John Livingston and his Shasta College students turned the blocks down to uniform sizes for the events.

We had the same four teams as last year, Cal Berkeley, Cal Poly, Humboldt and Redding’s own Shasta College compete in the show. Once again, the alumni from the three universities contributed in a large way.

The Humboldt State team took home the conference trophy with a very strong performance by both their Women’s and Men’s teams.

The CCC crew deserves a big pat on the back, as they kept the show rolling right along. The crew kept the competition arena and all immediate area cleaned up throughout the show, and jumped right in for the tear down and final clean up all over the entire fairgrounds, at the shows conclusion. Four of the CCC crew were also there on Sunday morning, which really helped out on the move out.

Comments, suggestions, highlights this year:
Despite Thursday’s horrible weather, the highlight of this year’s conference was Education day. The 800 or so kids, teachers and guides made all the work and preparation well worth it.

I’m sure that the weather was an issue, but I still noticed very few faces from the northern most portions of our logging community.

We could have used one more large trailer parked along the south side of our arena, to act as a wind and rain block throughout the show.