2016 Alumni Challenge Issued

Posted at 7:46 AM on Feb 1, 2016


Established in 2012, Conference President Jared Tappero has issued the annual challenge to forestry school alumni to support their respective logging sports teams by becoming a team sponsor. The schools participating in this year’s logging sports event during the Conference are Cal, Cal Poly, Humboldt and Shasta. The money raised by alumni and donated to the schools is used by the teams to purchase equipment and cover travel, meals and lodging costs to the Conference and other similar events held during the school year. To make a pledge for your school’s team, the contacts are below:

CAL: Don Beaty - (530) 243-2783 or

Bob Rynearson - (530) 243-2783 or

Cal Poly: Sarah Oldson - (530) 251-3278 or

Jared Tappero - (530) 927-8164 or

Humboldt: Greg Kostick - (530) 515-2345 or

Mike Backes - (530) 859-2082 or

Shasta College: Trena Kimler-Richards - (530) 840-0224 or

The deadline for having all pledges in for this year’s Challenge is 3:00 p.m., Friday, February 12th. The winning school will be announced at the Education Auction Dinner later that evening.