A Forest Without Trees

Posted at 12:30 PM on Jan 31, 2018

A Forest Without Trees

We are proud to announce a new website focused on the massive tree die-off in the Sierra Nevada. The project, A Forest Without Trees (, began over two years ago when CSHS Trustee, Dr. John Boogaert volunteered his professional services to film interviews for a documentary about the issue. After compiling hours of footage, it became apparent that smaller segments would be easier to present to the public online. John R, Mount, CSHS Trustee Chair and volunteer, became the host and narrator for the series. Mount lends his expertise to the project with over 57 years in forest management.

Through the website visitors can watch video segments with interviews from a wide variety of those involved with this historic event. Homeowners, fire specialists, wildlife biologists, loggers, politicians, and more give their take on what has happened and what we can do for the future of our forests. The site also includes an image gallery, an archive of published articles over the past four years, and multiple ways to contact CSHS to stay up-to-date when new content is added. Lastly, there is a page dedicated to curriculum related to bark beetles and forest management that teachers can use as a guide and book a field trip to the museum to study this further.

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of The John and Bertha Garabedian Foundation, PG&E, SCE, and JP Marketing. CSHS would also like to thank Dr. John and Christine Boogaert for volunteering their services for the video production, John R. Mount for all the hours invested in each video and in researching the subjects, to Julianne Stewart for her help in the planning phase of the project, and to all of those in the videos that volunteered their time to speak to us about this event.

We encourage you to visit today and share this information, offer feedback, and contact us with any questions.