SCLC 2020 Speaker Bruce Ward Featured in Article at The Denver Post

Posted at 10:45 AM on Jan 22, 2020

Bruce Ward, featured in the article below, will be attending this year’s Conference.

You can look for him at the Registration Desk, and afterwards he'll be attending (or presenting) at various events throughout the Expo, such as:

Ginn Fizz Breakfast
President’s Reception & Vendor Dinner

Program Panel – “Training the Next Generation of Loggers”
Education Auction & Lumberjack Banquet

To give you a taste, a small excerpt from the article has been included below, but we highly recommend reading the full piece!

From "The Know" at The Denver Post: A surprising view of “America’s Forests” in new Colorado-produced TV series

If you’re looking to wrap your head around what’s happening in the world right now, try wrapping it around a tree.

That’s the advice of Bruce Ward, a Denver TV producer and longtime outdoors advocate, on the eve of screening a new episode of his series, “America’s Forests.”

“When my family lived in Bailey, we were evacuated because of forest fires three times,” said Ward, founder of the Denver-based nonprofit Choose Outdoors. “That’s pretty scary when they’re literally at your front door with a megaphone telling you to leave now.”