SCLC Education Plans for Central Sierra In-Woods Demonstration

Posted at 12:26 PM on Aug 28, 2017

As a result of our 2016-17 Conference Development Outreach, new Directors from the Central Sierra Region have been inspired to develop an In-Woods Educational Tour that will showcase businesses, industry and practices common to their region. This will allow SCLC to reach and educate more youth each year and will definitely compliment what will be known going forward as our Cascade In-Woods Forest Harvest Demonstration.

Directors Jeff Holland and Robert Hoover will be co-chairing the Central Sierra In-Woods Forest Harvest Demonstration; to that end, Jeff Holland (CTL Forest Management), Robert D’Agostini and Alex Jimenez (J & R Logging) traveled up north and visited the 2017 Cascade In-Woods to get ideas and take advantage of our experiences.