SCLC Supports Shasta College's Forestry Programs

Posted at 10:00 AM on Jun 8, 2020

The Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference is proud to announce that Shasta College has received the "top listing" on the Forest Resources Association Logging Vocational Schools list.  You can view that list here:

The SCLC has long been a stalwart supporter of Shasta College's various forestry programs and courses, such as the Natural Resources and Heavy Equipment Logging Operations (HELO) programs.  A portion of the funds raised during the SCLC's Annual Lumberjack Banquet and Education Auction Dinner are used to support local endeavors such as these.  In addition to the school-year programs, the SCLC is proud to support Shasta College's FIRST SEAT Forestry Summer Internship Training program.

The SCLC is honored to have been able to support Shasta College's listing at the top of the Forest Resources Association's Logging Vocational Schools list, and we look forward to supporting Shasta College, as well as our other local schools, for many years to come.