2021 SCLC Education Auction Poster

The 2021 Education Auction is almost upon us, and we've got the official promotional poster!

2021 SCLC Strongest Logger Poster

We've got the 2021 Strongest Logger competition poster, as well as sponsorship opportunities!

2021 SCLC President's Message: March Update

The 2021 SCLC President has an important update regarding some upcoming events.

2021 SCLC President's Message: New Conference Dates and Items

We promised some updates, so here they are — straight from the 2021 SCLC President!

An Important Update Regarding In-Woods and woodED.

The Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference has an update regarding two upcoming events.

SCLC 2020 Speaker Bruce Ward Featured in Article at The Denver Post

Bruce Ward, featured in the article within, will be attending this year’s Conference.

2020 California Women in Timber Mixer

Mark your calendars, the 2020 California Women in Timber Mixer is on February 7th!

2020 Alumni Challenge Issued

Its Official! President Jack Thornburg has issued the Alumni Challenge for the 2020 SCLC Expo!

SCLC 2020 Keynote Speakers

The SCLC's annual Gin-Fizz breakfast is almost here; read on for the keynote speaker reveal!