Bend Elementary Thanks SCLC For In-Woods Show

The In-Woods Show was a hit with the schools that attended! Thank you for the letters!

2016 Education Day

‚ÄčIt's official: 2016's Education Day was a huge hit!

2016 Poster Contest Winners

The results for the 2016 poster contest are hot off the presses!

2016 Past Presidents Ax Throw Results

The results from the 2016 Past Presidents Ax Throw event are in! Here's how everyone did...

67th Annual Sierra Cascade Logging Conference Event Results

The event round-up for the 67th Annual Sierra Cascade Logging Conference is here! Here's how…

2016 Alumni Challenge Issued

Established in 2012, Conference President Jared Tappero has issued the annual challenge to forestry…

Fireline Safety Awareness For Hired Vendors Class

This safety training class will allow attendees to receive an “Interagency Emergency Equipment…

SCLC 2016 Gin Fizz Breakfast Keynote Speaker

The Keynote Speaker for the 2016 SCLC Gin Fizz breakfast will be Bill Dennison! Bill currently…

Cal Fire's Licensed Timber Operator (LTO) Training Class 2016

The Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference is pleased to present Cal Fire’s Licensed Timber Operator…