woodED Pathways Experience: A Sierra Cascade Logging Conference Event

Posted at 12:30 PM on Jun 18, 2018

We've got another great article on the woodED Pathways Event! More information and more fantastic pictures await!

From woodED Pathways Experience: A Sierra Cascade Logging Conference Event
On May 10---an ideal spring day---vans full of enthusiastic high school students pulled up to a beautiful setting in the El Dorado National Forest outside of Georgetown. From Placer Union, a contingent from Foresthill and Colfax piled into the meeting room for an orientation.

[...] First up was a carbon sequestration presentation by another Cal grad biologist, Rob York. The information explained the health cycle of the forest ecosystem and how fire, harvest techniques, and forest management practices impact a forest's ability to store carbon.

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Special conference-only room rates

Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference has a special room rate discount for the conference week at Win-River Casino. You must call for this rate – it’s not available online. Be sure to tell them you are with Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference prior to making your reservations.

These rates are good until one week prior to the conference.


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