Scott Dane Represents the ACLT of Minnesota at the 2020 RNC

Scott Dane, the Executive Director of the ACLT of Minnesota, spoke during the 2020 RNC.

Shasta College HEO Newsletter - Fall 2020

The SCLC has the scoop on Shasta College's Fall 2020 HEO Newsletter!

Michigan State University: It is OK to Cut Trees!

Next up: an article from the Michigan State University Extension on forestry practices.

2020 Arnold Sports Festival and World's Strongest Logger Training Underway

Training for the 2020 strength competitions is heating up!

CLFA - CAL FIRE Archaeologist in Woods Show

On May, 2, 2018, CLFA Board members met with CAL FIRE State Archaeologists. Here's what happened!

Shasta College Heavy Equipment and Truck Driving Instructor

​Shasta College is looking for a Part-time Heavy Equipment and Truck Driving Instructor.

A Forest Without Trees

Trees are dying off in the Sierra Nevada. Find out what is doing about it.

2018 SCLC Expo Sneak Peek

Take a quick peek behind the curtain and see what you can expect in 2018!

SCLC Receives Francis H. Raymond Award

On August 23, 2017, the Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference accepted the Francis H. Raymond Award.