Blast from the Past: Logging Railroads of the Sierras

Throwback time! We've got a video featuring the Pickering Lumber Corporation & West Side Lumber Co.

Scott Dane Represents the ACLT of Minnesota at the 2020 RNC

Scott Dane, the Executive Director of the ACLT of Minnesota, spoke during the 2020 RNC.

Shasta College HEO Newsletter - Fall 2020

The SCLC has the scoop on Shasta College's Fall 2020 HEO Newsletter!

Michigan State University: It is OK to Cut Trees!

Next up: an article from the Michigan State University Extension on forestry practices.

2020 Arnold Sports Festival and World's Strongest Logger Training Underway

Training for the 2020 strength competitions is heating up!

CLFA - CAL FIRE Archaeologist in Woods Show

On May, 2, 2018, CLFA Board members met with CAL FIRE State Archaeologists. Here's what happened!

Shasta College Heavy Equipment and Truck Driving Instructor

​Shasta College is looking for a Part-time Heavy Equipment and Truck Driving Instructor.

A Forest Without Trees

Trees are dying off in the Sierra Nevada. Find out what is doing about it.

2018 SCLC Expo Sneak Peek

Take a quick peek behind the curtain and see what you can expect in 2018!